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Hey there, I’m Jenny, a proud child of the 80s who’s embraced the unique charm of living life over 50. From dancing to Journey tunes to cruising in my Firebird, I’ve always savored life’s adventures. Despite a few hair-raising bleach mishaps along the way, my zest for living large has only grown. Over the past decade, I’ve weathered some major storms – from losing my dad to cancer, enduring a painful divorce, to navigating my mother’s dementia diagnosis. But through it all, I’ve emerged stronger and more resilient, leaning on the support of my incredible friends and a steadfast commitment to self-care. Diving into personal growth, health improvements, and fostering a strong community has given me a newfound sense of purpose. Now, as the crazy bougie aunt in the family, I’m passionate about sharing my journey and connecting with fabulous women like you as we navigate life’s ups and downs together. Let’s design our happiest lives and forge lasting friendships along the way. Ready to share, grow, and thrive together?

Let’s discover together!

One of my passions is everyday products and ways to simplify your life (a.k.a. “lifehacks”). Like everyone, I’m probably a little addicted to Amazon. I enjoy sharing my discoveries, reviews, and how-to’s. Here are some recent products I’m digging, and I invite you to explore my Amazon product page for an ever-growing list of recommendations!

In everything I do, I’m all about keeping things clear, creative, and super innovative. I love to shake things up in the marketing world, tapping into the awesome power of social media to make a real splash. When it comes to making stuff, it’s all about connecting in a real way, sharing stories that stick, and just being our genuine selves with people.

Let’s make things happen!

Whether you’re a follower with a question or a brand looking to collaborate, let’s get in touch. Reach out via any of the methods below. For existing customers, convenient payment options are available to meet your needs.

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