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I was a kid born in the ’80s who adored dancing to Journey tunes and cruising with friends in my cream-colored Firebird. Though my hair had its mishaps, including a wild bleach incident, my love for fun never wavered.


In the last decade, I faced three life-altering events: the loss of my Dad to cancer, a heartbreaking divorce after 19 years of marriage, and discovering my mother’s dementia, leading to her move to assisted living. Through these challenges, I found unexpected happiness and fulfillment, even in my 50s.


Today I am a partner in a successful business, have created a support network of amazing people. And I have so much FUN. A dog mom to three, dedicated bougie aunt to my niece and nephew, and overall a kid at heart. Be it Harry Potter adventures, traveling the world or kicking butt at virtual reality. Every day is a new adventure.
As I reflect I wondered, what if I could help others through their similar Journey? I started talking with the amazing women all around me, and it hit me. We are all experiencing similar challenges and opportunities. I want to share information that helps you design your happiest life. Let’s share and grow together.

Let’s make things happen!

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